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American Barber Institute New York

Learn which nyc schools provide barber instruction programs. See needs and school information, and read about the task leads and salary information for a barbering profession in nyc. Institutes providing .

What You Need To Know

To the office as a barber for the reason that condition of the latest York, you need to complete a 500-hour Master Barber training course and a 3-hour HIV/Contagious Diseases plan. You also require two years of expertise working as an apprentice. From there, you're eligible to take the state's Useful Barbering Exam. You can find several for-profit establishments in nyc offering the mandatory training for aspiring barbers. Tools consist of trained in locks cutting, beard trimming, shaving, facial and scalp massage, singeing, shampooing, locks dressing and styling, locks dyeing, and applying beauty products.

American Barber Institute

The American Barber Institute offers a 500-hour training program for aspiring barbers that can be finished in 17 days and makes students for the licensure exam. The HIV/Contagious Diseases program can be available from this college. For skilled barbers, the ABI also provides a 50-hour refresher program.

  • Program Title: 500 Hours Master Barber Program, 50 Hours Barber Refresher System
  • System Length: 17 weeks
  • University fees (2016): $3, 600 for Master Barber system, $1, 500 for Refresher system
  • Admission Requirements: senior high school diploma or GED
  • School Type: significantly less than 2-year, exclusive for-profit

Tribeca Barber School

At Tribeca Barber School, aspiring barbers can join the 510-hour training program to be able to plan their state licensure exam, in addition to 3-hour illness control training course normally readily available. Students can decide between each day schedule (7:45am to 3:05pm) and a night schedule (3:05pm to 8:20pm), with classes held Monday through Friday, plus a full-day Saturday dedication.

  • System Title: Barbering 510 Hours Course
  • Program Length: 15 months
  • University Fees (2016): $2, 900

Beyond Barber Academy

Beyond Barber Academy, which is located in the Bronx, provides a 515-hour Barbering Master program, plus a 50-hour exam-prep program for pupils that have already completed the master program but want even more instruction before they take the test. Potential students can decide between a morning, afternoon, and night routine. The 3-hour illness control training course is only provided on Saturdays.

  • Program Title: Barbering Master, Barbering Test Prep
  • System Length: 18 to 31 weeks (based on schedule choice) for Barbering Master, 2 to 3 months for Barbering test preparation

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