Vintage barber supplies

Vintage Barber Supplies

vintage barbershop males getting haircut early 1900sI love the smell of an old barbershop. The combination of talc, locks tonics, Barbicide, and inexpensive coffee produces a distinctly macho odor that brings back a lot of memories for me – thoughts of Saturday mornings in the Friendly Barbershop in downtown Edmond, Oklahoma, sitting in a difficult plastic seat reading 1960s Archie comics while we waited for my ears lowered.

I also enjoy how the scent associated with the barbershop lingers you despite you walk out the entranceway. It’s silly, nevertheless the smell of a barbershop leaves a small amount of pep in my own step throughout a single day. Chicks dig the barbershop smell, also. Really, at least my spouse likes it. She constantly notes just how macho we smell when I get my haircut. I think she’s somewhat jealous; salons smell like chemical compounds and hairspray.

sandalwood shaving cream courtroom hairdressersSo a few weeks ago i eventually got to thinking-Why restriction myself to experiencing the barbershop smell to days I visited the barbershop? I decided to determine what elements made one of the best macho smells, thus I could enjoy a winner of that great aroma in-between haircuts.

Within my last visit to my friendly barber we took some notes on what sort of stuff a guy could stock in his medication pantry in order to enjoy that barbershop scent every single day of the year. The following is my report.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

The few times I’ve had a right razor shave, the barber features used sandalwood shaving cream to lather up my whiskers. Sandalwood has been utilized for millennia by men in spiritual ceremonies and is the go-to scent for individuals in the ritual of shaving. Sandalwood has actually a bright, masculine timber smell. The best sandalwood shaving ointment is from Taylor of Old Bond Street.

pinaud clubman after shave lotionPinaud-Clubman Aftershave cream

After your shave, your barber will likely splash some form of aftershave on the face. If he’s old-school, that aftershave may be Pinaud-Clubman. Since 1810, Pinaud-Clubman happens to be making the planet scent manlier using their wide range of brushing services and products. Pinaud-Clubman Aftershave Lotion is some powerful things. You just require a small splash from it. You’ll look for tips of orange, lemon, jasmine, and lavender with a warm musk back ground inside macho concoction. Moreover it features a good antiseptic alcohol odor to it.vintage pinaud clubman best talc bottle You’d think smelling like rubbing liquor will be a negative thing, but in some way Pinaud-Clubman causes it to be work. Another a good feature of Clubman aftershave is the cost. A bottle will set you back just $3 at the local drugstore.

Pinaud-Clubman Talc

One of my favorite components of getting a haircut occurs when the barber makes use of a straight razor to shave my throat therefore the hairline behind my ears. After he’s done, he gives me personally a light dusting with some manly smelling talc. The talc helps soothe your skin following its close encounter utilizing the straight edge razor. For a long time, the talc of preference for area barbers is Pinaud-Clubman. It offers a very masculine smell. Notably just like the Pinaud-Clubman aftershave, but even more subdued. You should use it after your shaves or as a body powder maintain yourself dry and smelling great in your nether regions on those hot and humid times. You can find Pinaud-Clubman Talc at the local drugstore.

vintage blessed tiger sign hair scalp west indies bay rum after shave label

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