Philips Beard Trimmer 9

Laser Guided Beard Trimmer


Experience control with a laser guide, allowing you to create the look you would like with full confidence. The laser light guidance system projects a line of light to point out where in actuality the hairs will be slashed.

Here is the ideal answer for people who prefer to develop various appearance, from stubble, to precise cut beards. Make asymmetrical beards a thing of history.

Laser Precision Balance

The laser guide projects a thin, crisp line on the face where hair may be cut allowing you to develop exact straight lines and shaped designs.

Twin Sided Trimmer

philipsOn one part there's a 32 mm superior trimmer, for an easy and even cut. Switch it around, and there's a 15 mm-wide accuracy trimmer - well suited for engaging in tiny rooms, like using your nostrils. It is made to reduce really close while nevertheless safeguarding your own skin, for good lines or even to round from the sides of one's beard.

Simple Length Establishing

17 lock-in length settings, from 0.4 mm to 7 mm - to select your chosen trim length, just switch the zoom wheel on handle until the length you need is shown. Your selected length has become 'locked in' for a precise as well as trim.

Stubble Daily

If you need that stubble appearance, only use the trimmer's quick 1/64"; (0.4 mm) environment. For a well groomed much longer beard, merely adjust the setting-to the precise length you need.

LED Display

philipsThe Light-emitting Diode display reveals your chosen length setting in millimetres, which means you're in charge of your thing.


The Laser Beard Trimmer is 100 percent waterproof, so it is easy to cleanse - simply rinse the waterproof trimmer beneath the faucet.


The metal blades softly clean against both, so that they sharpen themselves as you cut. The blades stay extra-sharp to constantly reduce hairs neatly and successfully, but have actually rounded blade ideas and combs to stop epidermis discomfort.

LED Power Degree Indicator

The Light-emitting Diode screen suggests the battery amount, so you're never caught short. Plus it takes just one single hour to recharge.

Rechargeable and Corded Usage

You can get 60 moments of cordless usage after a one-hour charge. In the event that you go out of electric batteries while cutting, only plug it in and hold cutting.

Created to Last

Each of Philips' brushing products are developed to last. They come with a two-year globally guarantee and globally voltage compatibility, in addition they will never need to-be oiled.


The Laser Trimmer has been thoroughly tested for house usage has proven to-be safe hence the laser light isn't harmful for your eyes. It really is a course I laser guide which complies with IEC60825-1. Nonetheless, we advise you never to look to the light and stay away from shining the light directly into your eyes.

1 x Philips BT9280/33 handle
1 x beard comb

philips philips philips philips

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