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Market Street Barbers

748 E Market St
Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 589-0002

I happened to be one particular dudes just who stuck with the same army type haircut for some time as it was something that I became accustomed. I needed to complete more with my locks but had convinced myself that my variety of tresses wasn't the one that could possibly be styled. Sure I had experimented with change it out up several times through the years at added locations only to be disappointed also it became additional proof that my locks and face had been just fitted to a higher and tight haircut. Then I found Market Street Barbers and chose to stay in to discover what they could do. Located in the place of Market Street (hence title) and Shelby Street, you can park at the meters on Market Street or park for free on Shelby Street. Though they are doing take walk ins (that has been my first knowledge there) you need to play it safe and then make a scheduled appointment with one of their half-dozen barbers/hair magicians. Enter the front door and you're greeted by a pretty smile and friendly receptionist that gives the first impression that this place is professional and classy. The waiting area is a long kind workbench with a modern contemporary kind appearance with some rustic to it. I've never sat here very long when I arrive close to my visit some time get seen within a short while but it contributes to a nifty environment. As soon as you walk over into seats you enter an area which is simple but very nice. From the basic lighting (though there is lots from it and produces a higher lit area) and wall decor seem really well considered and create a comfortable but upscale feel. Classic photography showing a biker crossing the connection into Indiana is generally inside expression of huge mirror i am dealing with. The chairs appear new in addition to programs at these seats are often clean. I gotten my haircut right here with several different people though Branden has been the main person who I make an appointment with. Branden may be the individual who assisted me personally recognize that with an experienced hand becoming those scissors and clippers a attractive hairstyle ended up being possible and it is as simple as requesting it. I reviewed some of the various other haircuts appearing out of right here too however and've constantly appeared great. All males, myself included, always appear happier after our haircut. It's like a kind of treatment; go in, get a haircut, and leave feeling with a grin, with an increase in confidence, which you can easily walk out truth be told there and deal with the afternoon. Prices exceeds at other barber stores but i recently can not compare marketplace Street Barbers with several of various other stores in the city. Market Street Barbers is way-out of these league. I do not mind spending more (possibly around $10 above many shops) for an excellent trendy expert atmosphere, reassurance ( no more anxiety when asking for a hairstyle), and no hold off. I was occasionally needing to wait two or even three hours at a few other well-known shops. But it is not really worth wasting that enough time regarding my day simply waiting in stores that do not have enough seating anyway to address that huge of a crowd. Marketplace Street Barbers had been a good find of 2016. We look ahead to continuing to see this place in 2017!

Kind, friendly, comfortable and stylish atmosphere. I believe it is to be similar to The Derby City Chop store with no music, level displays additionally the incredibly lengthy waits. This place takes appointments and walk-ins. I came across $25 to be costly for my self-explanatory clipper cut. (See latest price menu photo) Shampoo and throat shave included but we opted away from both. I'm perhaps not the guy who would like to fork out a lot period getting my haircut. Needs a consistent good clean cut with a little chit chat then be on my way. I also don't want to pay for services i am perhaps not interested in. I did so obtain a good cut-in a timely fashion but $30 (incl. 20per cent tip) is too much for a 15 min clipper cut. They are doing however provide hot towel right shaver shaves also. When I feel the necessity to take the time and spoil myself i'll be right back. Until after that, I'll just take my struck n miss chances with a $13 slice at Great Clips.

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