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Unscented Shaving Soap

Traditionally made utilizing the same ingredients and process as scented shaving soaps, the unscented shaving detergent features strongly already been required by our consumers that do in contrast to scented services and products and who will be after an extremely soft soap. Additionally it is used in combination with a shaving brush.

PETG synthetic jar (without perfume)

The Shaving soap without perfume remains white with its dough and its particular label: "snow-covered" sobriety for a clean.
PETG Plastic container, aluminum lid and kraft.
Net weight 200g
Natural weight 0.500g
Diameter 9cm
Height 5.5cm

* Some guidance from Martin de Candre on how best to wet shave :

- carefully wash your face with tepid water for a couple of mins.

- Always rinse your shaving brush really under tepid water after every use and gently flick out the extra water. An excessive amount of water plus the lather becomes runny and will dry out too quickly when put on deal with.

- Brush the shaving detergent in a circular, whisking movement with the shaving brush until an abundant lather types. Cannot push upon the bristles, since this may harm the brush - merely relocate quick circular motions.

- Now utilize the brush to make use of the lather to your beard in little, mild, circular movements or in gentle artwork movements.

Experiment unless you produce an excellent lather.

- whenever completed rapidly rinse the shaving soap bowl-like container under cool water to eliminate excess foam. Invert bowl so as to allow detergent drain and dried out. Soap dries best whenever dish is kept open.

A good shaving soap used along with a shaving brush provides an exceptionally close shave causing you to feel neat and comfortable.

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