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omega pro brushShaving brushes usually appear in certainly one of four kinds of bristle: boar tresses, horse locks, badger tresses, and synthetic fibre. Sometimes you will notice a “mixed type” of hair knot, particularly boar/badger or horse/badger. Boars and badgers are killed to harvest their meat and tresses anytime this is certainly a problem you should select a brush with artificial or horse locks. Practically all of badger locks utilized in shaving brushes result from China, where in actuality the badger is known as a pest and controlled under permit.


vie long horse hair brushBoar hair brushes–often labeled as “natural bristle” brushes–are more frequently noticed in size marketplace outlets such as for example drug stores and groceries. A lot of these brushes are not perfectly constructed and often need even more work to get a great lather out-of aswell. But that is not to state that most boar locks brushes tend to be substandard! Quite the contrary; a well-made boar hair brush can provide several years of service and work quite nicely after a break-in duration.

Boar hair keeps less liquid than badger locks: selecting a boar hair brush with a higher loft enable compensate for reduced water retention.


brushBrushes with horse locks have returned to the market after an anthrax scare around World War 1. information for horse locks shaving brushes are simply slashed from the horse’s mane and/or end: unlike various other animal bristle brushes, the animal is not damaged. Numerous users discover horse tresses shaving brushes to do much better than boar tresses and less “scratchy” than numerous “pure” class badger brushes.

The price for horse tresses shaving brushes is usually very reasonable provided their performance and construction. The downside here is supply: they are not found quite as easily as other brushes, though it really is improving.


brush teamBadger hair brushes are thought to be the preferred product for shaving brushes: they are able to generally make a lather faster, and retain even more temperature and liquid, than brushes of other kinds. But there are certain different hair grades, and there's no standard grading procedure between manufacturers. But there are some basic tips.

The cheapest quality of badger hair is normally referred to as “pure.” This grade is characterized by a dark color and dense, stiff, coarse-looking hair. Some producers bleach hair to give it the look of a higher level although locks itself will still look coarse.

The next phase up is normally called “super” or “fine.” These brushes are better built general while the hair is finer-looking, gentler, and less heavy in color.brush These brushes retain liquid and heat noticeably much better–sometimes significantly better–than reduced grades, and that can make a much better lather faster.

The highest level of badger tresses is usually labeled “silvertip.” These brushes are often meant to the highest standard, usually with hand-crafted craftsmanship and commanding the greatest prices. Silvertip hair is normally cream-colored over the top with darker rings of shade below and incredibly good but nevertheless fairly flexible hairs. These brushes will retain more liquid as well as heat than extremely badger brushes, though less considerably.

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