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  1. I personally use it simply about whenever i shave on certain specific areas. We noticed I might use with zits in a few locations where i got rougher shaves. Using the nick stick has actually literally eliminated that issue.. You definitely have to hydrate on a regular basis if you use this however.

    Took off 1 star due to multiple leakers I purchased. Customer service was great in replacing them, but also the thing that was sent myself leaked abit into the sealed package.

  2. I adore most of the Pacific items that i take advantage of. The Nick Stick is good, nevertheless need to dry the location initially (it really is a fluid and diluted by a damp face), and clean the basketball after (especially if there's been considerable blood-letting). Thankfully, due to the various other Pacific Shaving Company items I do not should utilize this product in so far as I accustomed. When I initially purchased this product I'd presumed from title it was a standard styptic pen (stick?), and ended up being astonished to see a roll-on. We continue to order them because I like that they're neat and tidy, unlike a normal pencil, but i actually do miss the solid variety. Any possibility of that someday?
  3. I seldom nick myself shaving anymore nevertheless when I do, it can get quite dramatic. This Nick Stick does the job really, and dries completely clear. Helps stop the hemorrhaging right away
  4. I happened to be carefully impressed using this nick stick. I've only recently began conventional wet shaving and I had been getting countless small nicks. This this spared my life. It goes on simple and obvious and stops any bleeding instantly. We highly recommend this.
  5. This Nick Stick is the greatest solution for of the shaving nicks and slices, anywhere on the human body. It does sting a bit at first but it's not harsh anyway. I would suggest this to anyone who is interested in an all natural fix for their shaving mishaps. You will be entirely satisfied, and in addition it helps shaver burn even as we'll!
  6. I attempted your products today and am extremely impressed. It's good to see that there are still companies with good customer service and quality (American made) products.

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