Remington MB4030 Contour Beard Trimmer Review

Remington contour MB4030 Beard Trimmer

Remington MB4560 Touch Control Lithium Beard Trimmer Qualities:

  • Touch Screen Tech
  • Tri Increase Program
  • Titanium Coated Blades
  • Motorised brush, Self-Oiling blades
  • Cord / Cordless with Micro USB charging
  • 90 mins for the full fee
  • Up to 50 minutes consumption time
  • Locking function
  • USB charging you (USB cable included)
  • Space bag
  • Anti slide grip

When it comes to guy who is serious about their devices in addition to his design, the Remington Touch Control Lithium Beard Trimmer integrates pioneering technology with precision and energy, delivering elite cutting overall performance with super-stylish design.

Styling undesired facial hair will not function as the same again with this advanced trimmer. The touch sensitive digital display enables you to tailor both rate and period of trim to your individual requirements for effortless styling and ultimate control. This extremely higher level brushing gizmo fuses functionality with technology, providing you with an accurate finish every single time.

The peak of design, this exceptional high quality trimmer is made for excellence to give more accurate cutting performance. Plus Lithium powered battery packs supply an elevated run-time as high as 50 minutes*.

Energy inside Hands

'New to the range, Touch logic 3.0 technology functions a simplified graphical user interface – providing added control & power of look. Not only that, this exceptional trimmer is fuelled using the ultimate in Lithium power, delivering a surge of long-lasting power and cutting strength. So, whether you’re styling your beard or trimming your stubble, Lithium power will make fully sure you get the most out of this technologically advanced level grooming gadget.

Touch of Class

With innovative touchscreen tech, this trimmer was created with an intelligent touch-sensitive display and digital show. You can now have ultimate control of your thing; with just one touch you can choose your desired cutting length and cutting rate for complete styling freedom.

Designed for excellence

Every element of the Remington Touch Control Lithium Powered Beard Trimmer has been fashioned with excellence in your mind, from the blades and motorised comb towards advanced level locking system.

The Titanium covered Blades supply exemplary cutting purpose with every stroke plus a long enduring overall performance.

With an impressive 175 size settings, the clever motorised brush varies from 0.4–18mm with complex 0.1mm increases, giving you full flexibility to attain the look you desire.

Plus, the 3-position slip switch includes a smart lock-in feature - options cannot be accidentally modified mid-shave, giving you the best-ever control and confidence when brushing.

Design Icon

Incorporating a little style to your restroom, the Remington Touch Control Lithium boasts advanced level technology and gratification plus a super fashionable design with a high-gloss white finish. The soft-touch back panel in addition gives comfortable maneuvering and easy navigation all over contours associated with the face.

Mobile Phone Repair

This excellent trimmer in addition comes that includes USB asking for complete freedom, allowing you to charge straight from your own laptop including a regular connect socket for 40 moments cordless use, perfect for on-the-go styling.

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