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Mirato has been able to prevail and remain among the leaders in the Italian market, due to its capacity for innovation, which has enabled the Company to expand its shtend to be of the market for personal hygiene by reaching new target consumers with high quality products and extremely competitive prices.

Within the 60's: Splend'Or

Mirato had been started within the 60's throughout the commercial growth, and at a moment whenever demand for new services for haircare and personal health had been growing dramatically. Mr. Corrado Ravanelli, currently the Chairman of the company, noticed this possible, and establish very own creation of a forward thinking item for the Italian market: hair squirt. Splend'Or straight away proved profitable among the customers. It was step one the business took toward getting market frontrunner in Italy.

Inside 80's: Malizia

The 80's level an essential turning point in Mirato's history: the organization launches Malizia, a complete number of Body deodorant squirt, useful, fresh as well as in a difference of scents, targeted for female young generation. The launch had been sustained by a thorough advertising when the popular jingle "Malizia profumo d'intesa" was featured.

The success ended up being extraordinary because of a method directed at an extremely particular target group offering a new type of services and products for "personal treatment" destined for imminent success, considering a top amount of innovation and functionality at inexpensive rates.

When you look at the 90's : Intesa, Figaro and Gomgel

Building from the strategy of constant innovation and segmentation, in the 90's, Mirato presents an innovative new variety of services and products and a unique "umbrella" brand shopping, particularly Intesa, which grew immediately because had been the truth when Malizia was launched. Additionally this time, the launch of Intesa ended up being directed at a fresh marketplace part with a powerful possibility of growth: Intesa pour Homme was initial complete selection of services and products for face and body attention, particularly aiimed at guys, plus specifically into the sportive and powerful guy that is also attentive to the care of his human anatomy.

The way to obtain a whole array of items to meet the demands of a particular target group offering the optimum relationship between high quality & price coupled with practical and initial packaging, and supported by a thorough coverage of advertising when it comes to launch guaranteed an instantaneous success of the newest Intesa line.

Mirato slowly increase the product ranges, Malizia and Intesa, already well-known companies one of the customers, by introducing many very certain products, eg moisturizers, anti-bacterial soaps etc., meeting, regularly, new tastes available in the market regarding the day-to-day individual hygiene.

In 1997 Mirato acquires two other well-known companies, Figaro, that includes shaving foams, shaving creams and aftershave and Gomgel, a range composed by repairing hair solution.
In identical year Intesa Intercourse Unisex came to be, a distinct personal deodorants with very innovative features for him, for her.

In 1998, eventually, Mirato enlarges the product range with two new lines of products for personal hygiene: Bon Bons Malizia, eau de toilette specifically developed for teen and preteen, a portion on the market previously not covered by the offer, and Malizia Unisex, private deodorant for men and ladies that completes the Malizia line.

Year 2000: Clinians, Advantage, Geomar, Breeze

In December 2000 Mirato acquire the brand name "Clinians", currently in those days a well-established brand name searching for beauty maintenance systems. The brand name is directed at the advanced and self-conscious feminine segment at the higher end associated with the mass-market. The potency of this brand name is its range as well as its high quality, that is undisputed.

Clinians presents Mirato's entry in to the market for beauty products, due to the fact business gets control the circulation for this brand name, primarily, through the mass-market station, but additionally, on an inferior scale, through discerning channel particularly perfumeries and pharmacies. Clinians, consequently, signifies an added energy on company's profile of companies and their circulation community besides.

In 2002, underneath the brand Intesa, a unique line Intesa Pour homme with Vitacell was released. Vitacell is an all natural active component that has an energizing result, specifically formulated for males's epidermis. For the man that is determined to manage himself to produce total well-being, actually and mentally.

In 2003, Mirato open the doorways on oral hygiene marketplace because of the purchase of the brand Benefit. A dynamic market with great potential when the company had not been current with its historical brands. Synonymous of "benefit" and simple to spot using world of oral-care. It signifies a starting point when it comes to concept of a whole line of services and products for dental hygiene, in accordance with its marketplace target.

In 2006 Mirato acquaires Geomar Brand. This might be characterized by particular items for human anatomy treatment (dirt, scrub, creams...), which are part of market niche with a fast development, in which Mirato S.p.A. has not attended before using its own companies.

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