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hot-without-hair-see-the-sexiest-20-bald-male-celebrities-PP-SLJason Statham: the film action hero shaven his mind after his hairline started initially to recede years ago and baldness has actually just made him hotter. “Thank Jesus I’m bald, ” 46-year-old Statham has actually commented. “Hair only doesn’t fit me.” Plus one of the most beautiful women on the planet, his supermodel girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 27, agrees! “I’m not thinking about getting together with young men. We have all of the man i would like!” she’s stated.

Bruce Willis: The star began dropping their hair during his Moonlighting times, now, the 59-year-old Die Hard star appears like a cue baseball. Regardless of. As he occasionally wears a hair piece in movies, in actual life, Willis is bald and proud. “I’ve seen all those little digs where they make an effort to cause you to feel less of a person because you’re dropping your hair. I’m a guy and I also will kick anyone’s butt which tries to tell me I’m not a man because my tresses is thinning, ” stated the star who’s constantly had many feminine organization (after divorcing Demi Moore in 2000, he married model Emma Heming in '09).

LL Cool J: The NCIS: la celebrity and perennial Grammys number, 46, shaved their mind and he’s made hats and limits a manner statement. “It seems good, ” the singer has said.

Vin Diesel: The buff The Fast and also the Furious star, 46, shaved their mind when their hairline started receding. “Let's place it that way, we're all likely to drop it fundamentally, so that you're best off making a stylistic option early, ” Diesel informed Elle in 2006. “Then no one can fault you because of it later when it's your style and also you're really losing it.”

Jason StathamDwayne Johnson: which needs hair once you look like the Fast & Furious 6 actor and previous wrestler, as well as your nickname could be the Rock? After many years of dropping their tresses, Johnson, 42, 6’4” and a muscular 260 weight, eventually shaved all of it off for a movie role in 2011.

Joe Gorga: the true Housewives of New Jersey spouse, 37, keeps partner Melissa Gorga delighted in the bedroom and stones a mustache and beard combo with his smooth dome. In 2013, he shaved off just what small tresses he previously obviously. Although he’s available about their baldness, using one RHONJ story, Gorga’s brawl with brother-in-law Joe Giudice ended up being marred by black tar—which turned out to be Melissa’s hubby’s locks dye!

Andre Agassi: The playing tennis great began shaving his head in 1995, prior to the Australian Open, and he’s never ever looked back. Agassi, 44, known for their ‘90s lion’s mane, later on admitted it was a wig! He blogged in his autobiography which he destroyed the French Open wanting to keep carefully the mop of fake hair upright and his then-wife Brooke Shields “said I should shave my mind.” As soon as Agassi did, he seemed handsome in the place of ridiculous.

Bruce WillisTyrese Gibson: The singer and Fast & Furious celebrity wears no tresses really! The 35-year-old regularly makes the range of favorite bald male a-listers and he’s given love and intercourse advice into the book Manology.

Billy Zane: Known for playing villains, Billy Zane had a full head of hair in Titanic, but ever since then, he’s already been wearing a normal appearance. Today 48, he started shaving his mind in 1997 while the females rave. He's two children with model girlfriend Candice Neil.

Mark Strong: The British Sherlock Holmes star is a close buddy of James Bond Daniel Craig, and wears toupees limited to film functions. Strong, 50, features accepted for some insecurity about being follicularly challenged with casting administrators: “They see a picture of a bald man and believe: ‘perfectly, he aint a prominent man.’” But he’s frequently been named among sexiest bald display performers.

Seal: Seal is acknowledged much more for their facial scars, the consequence of childhood lupus, than their hair loss. Nevertheless the sexy cueball “Crazy” singer, 51, had no issues attracting females like supermodel Heidi Klum (although they are now actually divorced).

Sean Connery: Hollywood’s first James Bond reportedly started to lose his locks at age 21 and ended up being wearing a toupee for Goldfinger, nonetheless it’s never affected their virile image. Today 83, Connery has said about their hair thinning: “It’s perhaps not the termination of the world.” He additionally cracked up an interviewer by pointing away what was worse—men with bad brush overs which get hit by a gust of wind! “It appears like a snake that’s planning to take off, ” the celebrity stated.

LL Cool J Vin Diesel Dwayne Johnson Joe Gorga

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