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Shaving used to require the hands of a barber that had mastered the craft of handling a straight razor. A shave like that is a unique and timeless experience that is befitting of a true gentleman. 18|8 Brookhaven is bringing back that experience for the modern gentleman to enjoy, and freeing them of the poor quality shaves that they get from disposable razors and electric shavers. Stop by our salon and sit down with one of our professional barbers for a closer and cleaner shave than you’ve ever had before, plus the extra touches of the 18|8 experience. Choose from any of our shave options below and see why 18|8 Brookhaven is the classic barbershop re-invented.

The Classic Straight Shave

This signature service of the old school barbershops is alive and well here at 18|8 Brookhaven. This is nothing like your normal morning shave or trim. Once you walk in to our salon and help yourself to a refreshing drink, one of our professional barbers will guide you over to one of our semi-private stations. Everything starts with a hot towel to help you relax and escape your worries of the day. We stay true to the classic shave, using hot lather and a straightedge razor to transform your look with a precision shave or trim. To complete the experience, we end we an aromatic hot towel that leaves you feeling fresh and revitalized. 30 minutes is all you need if you want to feel like a new man.

If you’re looking to enhance this classic shave experience even further, you can add on a complete facial treatment package to ensure that your skin is cleansed and moisturized.

Beard Trimming Services

For the men that choose to commit to having a beard, it takes effort to make sure that it enhances your style instead of making you look like an unkempt mountain man. We’re all about being a gentleman here at 18|8 Brookhaven, which is why we offer precision beard trimming to ensure that you always look classy. For those who are thinking about growing out a beard, stop by our salon and we’ll help guide you on the path to growing and maintaining your beard properly, and help you find the perfect beard style for the look that you want.

Full Head Shave

You don’t need to have a head full of hair to look like a gentleman. For those that choose to go with the complete head shave for that clean and confident look, you can still get the full experience at 18|8 Brookhaven. The straightedge razor and the precision of our professional barbers will make sure that your head has the perfect shaved look. If you’re unsure if the shaved head look will work for you, come in and get the opinions of our expert barber. We’ll make sure that we steer you in the right direction to look like the man that you want to be.

The 18|8 Shave Package

Our shave package bundles the two 18|8 essentials together for a complete experience. Along with the classic shave, you’ll get the 18|8 signature executive haircut to take your style to the next level. In addition to the relaxing hot towel at the beginning and end of your shave, you’ll also enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to help the stress of your day just drift away. After our professional barbers give you the perfect haircut, we give you a complete shampoo and conditioner treatment to make sure that your hair is clean and healthy. This package is the perfect gentleman’s combo and will make sure that you’re ready to take on the world.

Get Cleaned Up At 18|8 Brookhaven!

Stop with the disposable razors and electric shavers. Stop by 18|8 Brookhaven today and experience what shaving was truly meant to be. It’s always smart to book your appointment ahead of time, and it’s easy to do with our online booking or just calling our salon at (404) 481-5368. If you don’t book your appointment, we also take walk-ins, so you can enjoy the 18|8 experience whenever you feel like it! We will help every man that walks into our salon look his best, whether you’re from Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, or any of the surrounding areas of Northern Atlanta.

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