Make Your Own Pre-Shave Oil

Make Your Own Pre-Shave oil

After that rant I gave on wet shaving, I thought I’d share some DIY trick which could make a world of distinction to your face and exactly how effective your shave is; a pre-shave oil.

A very popular however costly lavender pre-shave oil is sold in the Art of Shaving for $25 for just two ounces. It has 3 components and nothing much more.

You may make over 12 ounces of very same gas pre-shave oil (with the same components) yourself in less than 3 minutes and for lower than $20! This may last you about a few months. Here’s just how.

Acquire your 3 components:

1 part Castor oil: $3 at Publix for 6 oz. (beside the mineral oil/digestive treatments inside medicine aisle.)

1 component olive oil: Get mid-range virgin olive oil. Cost varies.

15 falls Lavender essential oil (offered within the nutrient/vitamin aisle at Publix, CVS, Walgreens for around for 30 ml.)

For how big the bottle you intend to use, your dimensions may vary. We havev the 2 oz. bottle of AOS lavender pre-shave oil, therefore I make use of 1 oz castor-oil, 1 oz essential olive oil, and 15 drops of lavender essential oil. You may want to make use of less or more gas depending on your inclination.

In a small container (I use a tea-cup) combine all 3 components, then afin de carefully into your cup shave oil container.

As soon as ready, apply a wet hot washcloth to to your face for a minute roughly after that, apply handful of your shave oil to your face, wipe it in, after that proceed together with your regular shave program. That’s it. The all-natural emollient oils together with the essential oil help soften your skin and open your pores for an in depth and comfortable shave with fewer nicks. Enjoy your luxurious shave!

Essential olive oil and castor oil provide a secure and all-natural lubricant for a detailed shave, while lavender soothes skin and smells great. You might experiment with various other crucial essential oils like clary sage, orange, rosemary, or tea tree oil. Which are available at or my personal favorite detergent making store.
Just be sure to learn the information and uses per essential oil so you understand you’re making use of one which’s that is safe for your skin type.

Try it out, see if this little recipe can help you smoothen the places on your face you want to be smooth, and kindly opinion below and tell us if this aided you retain looking like a grown-up.

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