How to shave your head with an

Shaving your head with an electric razor

headblade-pink-alopecia-436883-editedWe chatted last week about why some ladies with alopecia might need to shave their mind and what they is contemplating when contemplating. Shaving the head undoubtedly isn't for everyone, however, if it is obtainable, here are a few "pro guidelines" to really make it because pleasant an event that you can.

Deciding on the best Razor

First, never ever skimp in the quality of the blades and know how to ready your scalp!

Preferably, utilize a knife owner that’s made to shave a rounded form such as the HeadBlade® (full disclosure, Todd Greene and are supporters of the Bald Girls Do Lunch business, though I’ve adored and utilized the HeadBlade® products since method before).

  • That inexpensive disposable for your feet will be difficult and susceptible to cut you, not to mention produce an under close shave.
  • Your partner’s electric shaver? That won’t slashed it often unless you’re opting for the shadow look.

Advanced technology does indeed make a difference. The HeadBlade® is just one these types of product which’s built to keep close connection with the scalp after the contours of your mind. Lubricated blade edges keep the procedure safe and smooth despite initial pass of shave gel is removed. With this specific technology, my very own knowledge is that my arbitrary hairs be removed safely (no nicks ever) as well as for myself there are two main even more crucial functions:

  1. I'm able to inform exactly what areas I’ve currently reviewed and
  2. I am able to do so in record time.

The kinesthetic feeling of having my hand close to my head tends to make all the difference compared to keeping a wobbly, long-handled managed razor a few inches off my head.

Planning the Scalp for a Shave

One of our BGDL medical advisors, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Medical Center in nyc offers epidermis ideas! (Excerpted with permission from Dr. Zeichner’s 2010 progress body series, A Dermatologist’s Guide to Shaving and Skincare an educational web log for Gillette).

Understanding Shaving and Understanding Body

In shaving, a shaver really removes a slim level of lifeless cells on top of the skin. Light shots could potentially cause less injury to the skin area. Shaving with an excessive amount of pressure will require off extra epidermis and cause discomfort.

Razors by themselves exfoliate skin. Exfoliation is an activity of removing dead cells through the area of your skin, exposing brand new, healthier epidermis cells below.

Followup post shave: post-shaven, exfoliated epidermis is delicate and should be addressed with an after shave lotion.

One blade, two blades, three blades or even more?

With additional blades the shaver has actually even more contact points on the epidermis; therefore the stress is distributed in small amounts over a larger location. With several blades that are close together, there is certainly less bulging of the skin between blades and reduced rubbing throughout the epidermis.

Planning your skin layer: Usually, utilize tepid water prior. (Thea’s tip: Drenching your head into the bath feels great. Even though you might not have hairs to lather up, do enjoy luscious, fragrant shampoos and body clean to begin the afternoon!). Tepid water opens up the skin pores and softens the skin, or exterior level of epidermis. Liberally rinse your skin to eliminate any residual shaving products.

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