Face Shaving Tips: Exfoliate

Exfoliate legs before shaving

Is there anything worldwide that beats that silky-smooth #JustShavedMyLegs experience? If you're attempting to obtain the closest, longest lasting shave feasible, as it happens exfoliating before shaving is preferable to doing so after. And believe me, when you enter the habit of exfoliating beforehand, you may not even think about it.

In terms of the reason why it is easier to strike up that loofah before in place of immediately after, eHow has the details. They explained how, since exfoliating eliminates the most truly effective level of dead epidermis cells and extra toxins away, it provides your razor and shaving lotion the cleanest record feasible to remove hair from. To exfoliate like an expert, begin at your legs and scrub in small sectors up until you strike the top of the upper thighs.

Exfoliating after shaving actually the best concept, as the newly shaved skin should be sensitive and painful and, oftentimes, cut-in specific locations. Beyond just making every little thing burn, exfoliating after shaving could aggravate your skin layer and cause redness. Drying out your legs carefully with a towel is perhaps all the post-shave exfoliation you'll want to pull any lingering un-rinsed locks or dead epidermis cells.

If you are in a Do It Yourself mood (and would like to conserve our planet by staying away from microbead exfoliators), whipping-up a home made scrub could not be easier. Mixing together a 1/2 cup of natural unrefined sugar and extra virgin olive-oil makes an ideal, normal scrub for your legs prepared for a gloriously clove shave.

Include a few falls of acrylic for a much fancier variation! My favorites consist of lemon verbena and lavender.

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