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Dark spots on legs after shaving

What Makes the Pores Appear Dark or Ebony?

The dark places or skin pores are now actually open comedones, a dark semisolid connect of oxidized dirt. These available comedones might have extra oil, dust or bacteria trapped in. The obstruction of sebum, dirt or bacteria mixes with environment and epidermis pigment (melanin) together with effect causes the starting appearing dark or black. You get with feet that no more appear clear and smooth.

Strategies for A Smooth Shave

Exfoliate! Regular exfoliation helps keep these dark pores from increasing as well as correct shaving techniques, shaving resources and following a good healthy skin care regimen to avoid all of them. I would recommend exfoliating your feet regularly with a body scrub that polishes away lifeless skin cells. My personal favorite body scrub is Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Polish since it carefully scrubs away dead skin and makes your own skin feeling soft. Purchase on

Considering that the look of dark pores may be as a result of your shaving strategy, the first thing doing is ensure that you are precisely shaving your feet in order to avoid getting strawberry legs.

Here are ideas to help you get a smooth shave and stop dark skin pores from showing up on your own feet:

Pre-Shave – 1 - 2 Times Before Hair Reduction:

Drench epidermis in warm water for 5-10 mins before you decide to shave to open up follicles and follicles of hair, acquire impurities and loosen dead skin cells trapped within the skin pores.

Shaving ideas to Get Rid of Dark Pores on the Legs

  • Shave during or after a cozy bath whenever skin pores tend to be bigger.
  • Use a razor—one that'll not need you to make use of lots of stress as you shave which provides a closer shave without producing the hair to snap as well as trigger ingrown hairs.
  • Make sure the blades tend to be sharp. Dull blades drag resistant to the skin and also raise the potential for hair curling into your skin causing razor bumps.
  • Apply an aloe-based or moisturizing shaving lotion or gel, following growth of hair. After that, gently shave in direction of hair growth. Avoid driving across exact same area too many times, that'll irritate skin. Be mindful to not extend your skin while shaving.
  • After shaving, splash the skin with cool water to close the skin pores and hair roots.
  • Pat skin dried out. Apply a fragrance-free cream or moisturizer or a lotion designed for aftershave to cut back redness. Let the moisturizer soak up into the epidermis.

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