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Bumps after shaving legs

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerIf baring your legs does mean showing the world an awkward rash of little red lumps, you may have to reconsider how you shave. Razor bumps tend to be brought on by ingrown hairs and that can occur anywhere you shave or wax. By selecting products to soothe your razor burn and tweaking the hair elimination program, you can actually get the smooth, sleek legs you crave.

Avoid shaving areas with razor burn. Leave the bumps alone to allow your irritated epidermis to cure and any ingrown hairs to emerge normally.

Apply a moisturizing cream after shaving to soothe the skin and give a wide berth to shaver bumps from getting even worse. If you must continue shaving, using a moisturizing lotion right after you shave may soothe your skin to stop further harm.

Treat the legs with a non-prescription 2.5 or 5 per cent benzoyl peroxide pimples medication once a day, implies Dr. Evelyn Placek, a dermatologist and doctor of internal medicine in guide "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Women." Check with your dermatologist to determine in which and how often you need to apply the medicine to treat your specific condition. The medication may both minimize existing shaver lumps and stopping brand-new people from going back.

Utilize a real or chemical exfoliant on epidermis to loosen ingrown tresses. Utilize a rough sponge along side an anti-bacterial cleanser to diminish germs on the epidermis and coax out hairs growing in incorrect direction. Take to a chemical exfoliant, including a lotion with alpha hydroxy acid or retinoid ointment to exfoliate skin and allow ingrown hairs to emerge.

Consider electrolysis if shaving bumps are so extreme you are not able to get rid of all of them. Electrolysis removes the hair follicle, avoiding the locks from developing. Electrolysis can help those with persistent ingrown hairs.

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Smooth legs after shaving
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