6 Ways To Prevent Razor

How to prevent razor burn after shaving?

Some individuals realize that a shaved pubic location increases sexual feeling and enjoyment for just one or both partners. Absolutely nothing ruins the silky-smooth sense of shaved pubes, however, like nicks, slices, and shaver burn. To keep your down-there location discomfort no-cost, below are a few crucial actions you can take to avoid not-so-sexy (or comfortable!) unwanted effects:

  • Start with offering your pubic hair a trim with scissors or electric clippers before getting to the bath or shower. This may help to keep your hand-held razor-sharp, safeguarding you against razor burn.
  • Decide to try waiting before the end of the bath to shave. Heat and steam soften your hairs and start your skin pores, making the shave closer.
  • Use shaving lotion or gel, which will develop a protective barrier between your shaver and sensitive epidermis. Soap can dry up the skin while increasing the possibility of irritation.
  • Make use of a whole new razor which will help prevent nicks and slices.

Beauty experts recommend shaving while standing when you look at the bath, with one leg through to the side for the tub or shower wall. Shave toward the hair. Don't forget to apply constant but mild stress because of the razor. After each and every swing regarding the knife, wash from the shaver and try reapplying shaving lotion or serum. If the skin of a particular area is free or extremely sensitive, you may want to take to keeping that area tight or out-of-the-way so that it does not get caught because of the razor.

After shaving, some specialists recommend making use of a gentle astringent like witchhazel or hydrogen peroxide on the skin to prevent illness and ingrown hairs. Many aftershaves designed for guys's faces contain liquor and that can sting the sensitive pubic location, so alcohol-free aloe vera gel is a helpful replacement for help soothe any discomfort.

Some couples in addition enjoy shaving one another's pubic tresses as an erotic activity. The answer to taking pleasure in this type of sex play is always to treat each other's genitals delicately and carefully. Mutual shaving is a fitness in trust and interaction, since the individual wielding the razor isn't able to feel exactly what may harm and exactly what may feel great towards the person these are generally shaving.

By exercising and after the preceding tips, you ought to be in a position to enjoy an irritation-free shaved pubic area. If you continue to have discomfort or issues with shaving your pubic locks, note that waxing is good alternative. See the relevant Q&As for more information on this process.

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How to prevent razor Burns?
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