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Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer Review

I bought this beard trimmer over two years ago and now have recently bought another as a gift for my buddy. This Remington MB320C is totally fantastic and provides amazing high quality at a bargain price.

The quality is fantastic in addition to trimmer appears as good as brand new after 24 months of punishment. Its sturdily built, comfortable, light and balanced to carry. The trimmer comb accessory is modified by a thumb wheel and clicks directly into spot well. You will find nine length settings ranging from 1.5-18mm. The configurations tend to be 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3-4mm, 4-5.5mm, 5-7mm, 6-9mm, 7-11mm, 8-14mm, 9-18mm. This will make the trimmer ideal for styling your beard whether you want very brief stubble or a long beard. The trimmer brush could be removed totally for cleaning utilizing the cleaning brush offered. This can additionally give accessibility the pop up trimmer that is ideal for trimming embarrassing places particularly throat and sideburns for extra detail and shaping.

The battery takes about 16 hours to totally charge. We just use the trimmer for 5-10 mins at any given time therefore the battery pack quickly continues a couple of weeks before needing a recharge. It will endure a complete of 40 mins of use from a full charge. When the battery pack is low, the LED will flash during used to offer you an advance notice that trimmer requires a recharge.

We have the full method length beard and this trimmer provides a really comfortable shave and I have actually enjoyed deploying it during the last 2 yrs. The porcelain coated blades cuts through my dense locks effortlessly without pulling or causing any style of discomfort. This trimmer just isn't made for human body tresses but i actually do periodically make use of it to trim leg locks slightly and it works completely.

The trimmer is working as great as brand new together with battery life has not deteriorated at all which I found tends to take place overtime with previous trimmers I have tried personally. I might strongly recommend this beard trimmer and also after 24 months of punishment I have no objectives of replacing it anytime soon. I need to also add that my brother normally loving this trimmer.

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