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Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

Rated 4 regarding 5 by Verified Reviewer Great clippers; worried about fragile trimmer head I'd an older variation Philips clipper which was great. This new design - where you have to eliminate the trimmer mind and clippers to clear from locks clippings - seems more prone to break versus older design, enabling you to open up a door to empty them on. 10 January 2017

Ranked 5 off 5 by Brian028 Excellent trimmer i can not use an in depth shave because i've delicate epidermis so, we fell deeply in love with this subble razor. The machine gets 98 to 99% regarding the locks for easy cleanup, therefore I really like it. I'd this design for 4 years and my current product for about 2 years and I also don't opt for another brand name. This razor will likely not cause you to clean shaven but will bring you sincere close from the cheapest setting. I really took the guide to get closer so that I simply shave one per week with stubble. We suggest this stubble razor. 17 December 2016

Rated 5 out-of 5 by Audi51 one of the better trimmers I have used! I really like the long-time it keeps a charge therefore the adjustment for duration of beard...it just isn't at risk of accidental motion of setting! 12 January 2017

Ranked 4 away from 5 by jambandman completely fine item simplicity of use and cutting lengths can be adequate. I will be also a large lover associated with cord and cordless option. 12 September 2016

Rated 5 away from 5 by Unose2 the product is really so user-friendly. Like it! It's the first beard trimmer I ever owned that trims so evenly. The machine function is very good, now there is not any small beard clippings all around the sink. Easy to completely clean. Finely a trimmer that certainly does what it really is expected to do. Thanks Phillips 29 June 2016

Ranked 5 regarding 5 by Purvis i love the broad head enabling at a lower price time in trimming! I obtained one for Christmas time b/c my old trimmer ended up being > ten years old. This makes fast work of my 45 year old beard. 18 February 2016

Ranked 3 out-of 5 by Meweaz24 decent efficiency smart it's flawless however when it comes to the vacuum it really only collects 1/2-3/4 of the trimmings, so there will still be some clean up, not just as much as you're familiar with. Also, because of the vacuum accessory, you will need to manipulate your perspectives of method of get straight outlines minus the accessory on whenever cutting. 6 February 2016

Ranked 4 regarding 5 by Garvinz Great price with this trimmer, no mess, permanent battery This beard trimmer has every thing some guy could need... except a fine detail trimming capability. all its lacking is a way to trim the edges. 5 February 2016

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