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Philips Beard Trimmer QT4000

Guys in stubble appearance uber cool and have an all-natural charm in their mind. They carry the self-confidence and reflect a lot of readiness to on their own. To groom yourself into the retro design, we give you the new Philips QT4000 Trimmer for cutting and keeping that unruly beard into a good look. Easy and simple to use with great benefits, the product is vital have in your grooming kit. Specialists utilize this useful trimmer for both women and men at their office as a fantastic tool to ease their particular work and they come advised as a day to day usage tool.

Durable Trimmer

Produced from good synthetic in black colored colour with blue outlines and profiles, this elegant trimmer features an excellent, powerful body. Philips QT4000 Trimmer has top-notch metal blades intended for dried out usage and a really useful base to keep. The trimmer can be super easy to wash - Detach the head and wash it beneath the faucet for simple cleaning. Dry it before you put it straight back on the appliance.

Precision Tim and Ergonomic Hold

The Philips QT4000 Trimmer offers great form to your beard featuring its 1 mm accuracy knife and you may effortlessly trim your beard into the desired finish. The ergonomic handle gives total control while trimming and provides a really efficient optimum trimming in some time.

Rounded Stainless Blades and Trim Length

For smooth skin, the blades have sharp sides with rounded sides for contact areas that successfully avoid discomfort. You can achieve very quick cutting off your facial hair within almost no time with size establishing range of 1 mm to 10 mm plus it comprises of 10 length establishing choices. You'll lock the opted size to enable you to get uniform cutting throughout together with your chosen size.

Powerful Power and Detachable Head

Philips QT4000 Trimmer has actually a robust 1 x AAA NiMH battery pack for cordless procedure associated with trimmer also may be recharged for 10 hours to perform for 45 moments without a cord. You may also cleanse the pinnacle associated with trimmer by detaching it and keeping it underneath the working liquid. In addition to the energy use of this universal dual current trimmer permits its use throughout the planet with no hassles. For charging sign, the light on adaptor is green when charging.

Groom Each And Every Day

Snapdeal has actually an accumulation beauty appliances that you can use day-after-day to make your thing cool and appealing. This efficient Trimmer is the one such product from our vast number of grooming services and products and it is a reliable and reliable accessory suggested by many people inside style field. Order your these days from our collection and acquire this rechargeable trimmer with a warranty of two years + one year warranty through on the web Registration.

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