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awarded 2016 top beard trimmerFashions come and fashions go. There will be men who prefer to shave, however it therefore takes place that beard is back any way you like – plus some men decide to get bearded simply because they (or any other individuals inside their lives) prefer the means it appears to be and seems.

But beardedness cannot indicate slovenliness – a guy seems his most useful when their beard is evenly trimmed and well-groomed, and make that happen, you ought to see our premier beard trimmer…

Enter the beard trimmer – an electric brushing tool like the electric clipper and electric razor, but different – with finer teeth made to cut through coarser hair, and providing you with better capacity to cut long beards and form facial stubble.

We’ve place this short guide collectively to see you about beard trimmers and also to give our expert recommendation on picking a beard trimmer.

Keep in mind – beard trimmers aren't clippers or shavers. While officially possible to steadfastly keep up a beard with hair clippers, it is perhaps not a pleasurable knowledge. Clippers excel at cutting locks regarding the head, although spacing of the teeth and width of the blades make sure they are inadequate and uncomfortable when used near the face. Furthermore, the dimensions of a normal locks clipper would make deploying it for good detailing work difficult (and increase the possibility of lopping down section of your beard).

An, alternatively, is that – it shaves. The closest thing to a beard which it might keep at the rear of is incredibly short stubble – where point, you might also bust out the razor.

Rechargeable Trimmers tend to be Your Friend

The utmost in convenience and ease of use, choose a beard trimmer which can be run on a rechargeable-battery. Some models only plug in to the mains – meaning being tethered to a cord, a cord which gets in how during usage. A rechargeable trimmer, conversely, can easily be attached to the wall or set on a base to charge battery pack. it is ready if you are. Some trimmers feature lithium ion battery packs, which deliver significantly more energy and longer life than standard NiMH batteries. Models which plug straight into the mains with an adapter can sometimes be utilized while billing.

Although ubiquity of disposable AA electric batteries makes them convenient for several products (flashlights, for example), they’re perhaps not well-suited to high-drain, motorized tools such as for example trimmers. Go with a beneficial rechargeable model – you’ll never look straight back.

Think About Your Intentions Before Selecting

In regards down to it, all beard trimmers trim – but some include few or no accessories. These Spartan grooming tools are created to take locks down seriously to a certain length, every time, and absolutely nothing else. Various other trimmers feature features and add-ons which expand your choices – like switch-adjustable blade heights, diverse widths of detachable blades and detachable guards, which enable the user to vary the size of their particular facial hair or choose a blade better suitable for wide areas of trimming, or accurate detail work. Just make sure you don’t get carried away – a trimmer with 30 attachments and accessories is likelier sit in a drawer unused than a model in just 5 or 10 well-thought out additional parts which in fact suit your requirements.

Quality and Brand Character Point

…more therefore than price alone. There are certain brand names which call to mind good quality beard trimmers – Philips Norelco, Braun, Panasonic, Wahl, Oster – and many of their items have actually costs which reflect that quality. A beard trimmer should-be regarded as an instrument, perhaps not a throw-away device. Therefore, spending into a model that is well-made, developed to final, and repairable (instead of throwaway) brings you higher returns than “cheaping on” on a low-end trimmer.

If possible, choose a model with self-sharpening blades.

Only a few trimmers feature such blades, however if you discover the one that does – also it’s a match obtainable otherwise – contemplate it, because though such blades don’t final indefinitely, their lifespan is normally greater than that of old-fashioned blades. If you can’t discover a trimmer whoever blades self-sharpen, seek out a model with a high quality removable blade, and purchase a spare, so you’re perhaps not without a trimmer with regards to’s time for you deliver the original blade set for sharpening.

Discover a trimmer that’s comfortable to utilize.

If you’re likely to be using your beard trimmer on a regular basis, your satisfaction (and potentially, results) are going to be maximized by selecting a design which sits comfortably in your hand. A trimmer that’s too big or hefty will feel difficult; the one that’s also small, too light or not ergonomically designed can cause you to grasp it too firmly or use unnecessary force while trimming.

In addition, look at the sound and vibration factor. All trimmers utilize electric motors – but there’s a big change between a poorly created engine plus one of top-notch. While some beard trimmers emit an irritating buzzing noise and vibrate strongly within the hand, those of better quality will run more quietly and efficiently. Consider how important that is to you before settling on a trimmer to acquire.

What’s Our Most Useful Ranked Trimmer 2016?

We’ve been testing and reviewing lot’s of various beard trimmers, and there’s plenty around. But we keep returning towards Philips BT5262/13 Series 5000 Beard Trimmer since it’s these types of an original design, and there’s really nothing around that ticks all the boxes such as this one. From the build quality, precision guide, effortless cutting power, towards the stylish looks of this shaver handle and screen.

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