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I’ve seen rumblings on shave community forums that Van Der Hagen “Luxury” shave products, formerly just on Amazon, happen sighted at some Target shops in america. Others have-not seen it (there are 2 stores during my location and they’re not truth be told there!). We contacted Van Der Hagen and Marty Van Der Hagen himself said:

“We are currently in 523 associated with the larger Target stores. We're hoping to increase beyond that number throughout the year – dependent on product sales needless to say! Walgreens has additionally informed united states they intend on putting the range in ~700 of these “urban stores” come july 1st…. [W]e just shipped item toward Duane Reade Drug string with approx. 200 stores (additionally possessed by Walgreens).”

So there you have it. There are about 1700 Target shops so VDH is in about one-third of these. I must wonder whether discover some purchaser at Target who is a conventional damp shaver: back 2006-2007 Target transported Proraso items for a while.

Perhaps you have spotted the new Van Der Hagen products in your area? Keep a comment!

ADDENDUM: there is certainly just a little confusion concerning the brush that is available. The true luxury “kit” contains a boar brush (albeit a good one from the reports) but Target normally selling the VDH deluxe badger brush also, individually.

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