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Best razors for shaving your head

It requires some nerve to make the next step and shave everything off, so congrats to make it this far. The ultimate way to shave the head is somewhat of your own option.

First thing you need to shave your head is some form of shaver, razor, or clippers and there are many different options.

  • Electrical Shaver – if you should be just starting to buzz your head after that this is basically the one for you. You can shave that person and buzz your mind using this shaver. Once you are more comfortable with buzzing your mind you can upgrade to a safety or cartridge razor and get a smooth shave.
  • Safety Razor – This is the style of razor that your particular daddy and grandfather used plus they are making a return today. The razor it self can last considerably longer than a cartridge shaver and the replacement shaver blades are very cheap. One knife will definitely cost about 10 cents each and provides equally as good of a shave a as a cartridge razor. There was a bit of a learning bend to utilize them, but once you have the hang from it you will love shaving with this particular razor
  • Cartridge Razor – The most popular are 3 or 5 blade razors. The difference between all of them may be the spacing between the blades alongside than it’s just private choice. I like the mach 3 razors, which are the 3 knife razors. The fusion razors are the 5 knife plus they are also excellent, but my own choice will be the mach 3’s

The next matter you may need is a good shaving lotion or shaving oil

  • Shaving Soap – If you are using shaving cream in a can certainly still you will need to trash that things and obtain an excellent shaving detergent. The sort of stuff is available in a metal or synthetic tin and offers nice dense safety lather and doesn’t have a lot of nasty ingredients inside it. You will require a shaving brush going in addition to this, nevertheless shaves may be amazing and you’ll question why you performedn’t shave similar to this until now.
  • Shave Oil – many thousands of years ago there was no these types of thing as shaving lotion, so people utilized essential oils. The oil provides a thin layer of defense between the shaver and your skin plus it really does a great job. It will require slightly getting comfortable to shave with oil, but when you get it done gives you a good shave and in addition moisturizes your mind.

Head shaving recommendations:

  • If you have sensitive skin and so are susceptible to rashes do not shave up against the whole grain. Shaving contrary to the whole grain will induce several problems including ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn, and irritation. Make an effort to shave in identical path as your new hair growth for minimal discomfort.
  • Aftershave should-be always stay away from rashes. There are several aftershave choices including after-shave cream, after-shave creams, and aftershave balms. Prevent alcoholic beverages based aftershave when you have dry skin or sensitive and painful epidermis.
  • I’ve been aware of some people waxing their particular head nevertheless they have had combined results. (one-man reported which they performedn’t must shave again for 6 months. We realize that unbelievable. For those who have attempted this, please write to us regarding your knowledge.)
  • After you shave the head I recommend making use of a lotion or solution to moisturize your face and give a wide berth to it from flaking.

Alternate tresses removal

  • Some individuals make use of Nair or secret as an alternative hair reduction, nevertheless must certanly be mindful not keep it on any longer than advised, usually it burns. Truly the only various other choices tend to be painful or expensive. Personally do not suggest using chemicals to remove hair. It’s nasty items that should reallyn’t be on your skin.
  • Electrolyses eventually removes your hair forever however it is painful
  • Laser light treatments will permanently pull your hair, however it is costly.
  • Waxing is painful therefore only provides a 1 to 3 weeks of this stubble no-cost appearance.
  • You might take to Hair Away, which will be featured on our web site, however, we've had no testimonies as to its effectiveness.
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