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How to use shaving Oil?

Shaving is a fact of life for most. Both women and men have actually thought the need to cut down locks as near as you possibly can to their skin for many thousands of years. I am no exclusion. Since I shave my face nearly every time and realizing that there’s countless other things I would personally rather be doing at 7:00AM, We have managed to get my goal for the best, beloved, fastest and usually most enjoyable method of shaving offered. I have attempted disposable razors, fancy razors with around 6 blades, right razors, shaving ointment, shaving serum, shaving detergent and a period We also just threw in the towel and let my beard grow. It's all altered now though, because i discovered coconut oil.

The beginning

It all started once I read a write-up labeled as The Shaving Cream Racket which explains that shaving ointment does more harm for the skin than great. In the article, it says that you should shave with child oil or mineral oil as opposed to the foamy ointment many people utilize. At the time, I wasn’t prepared to result in the switch. We only had this one article and no real proof that shaving with oil ended up being in fact good for you.

A couple of months later on, I became walking through shaving part at medicine store, and I also noticed that they were attempting to sell shaving oil in tiny little containers. It had been at the moment that I recognized that people must actually shave with oil and decided to give it a try. The guidelines were quite easy: “Wet face and arms. Put four or five drops of oil in your fingers and wipe into skin. Shave and admire.” The ingredients had been even simpler: various oils, including sunflower oil and grapeseed oil, e vitamin and aloe vera. No essential olive oil though.

It absolutely was pretty unusual in the beginning, because I was familiar with lathering up my face and shaving good outlines through foam. Today, however, my face seemed bare, and I also had been shaving through absolutely nothing. The experience of the shave is a little much more sticky although I’m yes there’s a better way to explain that experience. This has less glide than utilizing shaving lotion, but it is nevertheless smooth. Used to don’t discover that it absolutely was any more difficult to shave with oil. Cleanup, however, was a lot easier. There were no globs of shaving ointment in the counter or hidden behind my earlobe. I didn’t need wash my face once again. We just wiped off several hairs and I also ended up being all set.

The small container of shaving oil lasted surprisingly long. A couple of months at the least. During this time, I read another article which indexed several interesting uses for olive-oil. Quantity 21 within the listing says “Soften your skin layer. Wipe olive-oil everyday on infamously dried out areas, eg your own feet or arms, specially after a shower, shaving, or waxing.”

We realize this does not straight suggest that you should shave with essential olive oil, but once my small container of shaving oil had been done, I thought that I’d test it out for anyway. We poured a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive-oil into a dish and utilized the small bottle to suck it. Then I had a tiny container of olive-shaving-oil ready to be used. The shave is equivalent to basically was utilizing the store-bought oil combination, but there are several advantages to making use of upright EVOO.


  1. Expense. You’re paying far less for a giant container of olive-oil than if you were to buy the little shaving oil containers which can cost between $5 and ten dollars each.
  2. Healthy benefits. Olive-oil established fact to own many healthy benefits. Also Jeanne Calment which existed to 122 years advertised she rubbed coconut oil into her epidermis which contributed to her durability.
  3. Less greasy than mineral essential oils. This goes against exactly what initial article recommended. I have never tried shaving with infant oil or mineral oil, but most likely never ever will.

In addition to the overhead, you’re getting the rest of the benefits of shaving with an oil. It’s faster, cleaner and makes your skin layer feeling smoother. We don’t usage aftershave and I usually purposefully leave the oil back at my skin without rinsing when I’m done shaving.

I encourage you to give it a go. Have actually a hot bath, after that while that person and hands remain wet, wipe in four to five drops of extra virgin olive-oil into your epidermis. Or, for females, try rubbing it on the legs. After that just shave it well utilizing your favourite shaver. Stay with it for a month or two to discover the manner in which you feel. I do believe you’ll agree totally that coconut oil is better than exactly what you’re using now.

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