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Beard Trimmer Reviews

Rated 5 from 5 by gtrnd first-rate in all regards this is actually the 4th or fifth trimmer that We have possessed within the last 20+ many years and by far the very best of the good deal. I especially like the extra degree of good adjustment. Because of the longer timeframe it can be utilized without recharging i personally use it more frequently than other trimmers that I owned in the past. Cuts effortlessly and easy to completely clean and keep maintaining. Highly recommended. 22 February 2016

Ranked 5 away from 5 by Craig70 Great Trimmer initially considering my earlier knowledge about my old trimmer...I did not hold quite high hopes. We plugged it into charge two times after Christmas. Now I have tried personally it at least 8 times since Christmas.yesterday 2/8 ended up being initially I experienced to recharge it. I became acutely impressed...Everyone loves the trimmer. It works features great modification configurations to make sure that you'll be able to select the correct one to fit you. It's very easy to clean.the mind has the capacity to be popped to be washed precisely. There's nothing I am able to say negitive relating to this trimmer. 9 February 2016

Rated 4 out of 5 by ziger Works well without having to keep track of all the parts. I have had other beard trimmers before [2 to be exact] and this one by far charges faster and seems a little more powerful. By having the single adjustable trim head, it eliminates having to keep track of all the various attachments to get different lengths for my beard. I would have liked some clearer instructions that the trimmer guard/beard length adjuster was completely removable for fine trimming around the ears and mustache as well as removing the cutting head to fully clean out the hair after using, but I did figure that out eventually. All in all a fine product for the price. 5 February 2016

Rated 5 out of 5 by Dtaw014 Great Product Easy to use, light weight and fees quickly ! Exactly what even more could I say ? 4 February 2016

Rated 4 regarding 5 by Funkster777 great product; simile design i've several shavers, electric and usually. This one works great for maintaining the beard away. I could easily adjust (instead of changing guards) the depth regarding the slice. No pinching or burns. 4 February 2016

Ranked 5 off 5 by Skibby Philips/Norleco 3500 I became seeking to replaced my current old trimmer ( Norelco) that was very trustworthy with an enhanced design trimmer, which at that time seemed very hard to accomplish, until i ran across the Philips/Norleco 3500, it had been exactly what I happened to be in search of. Simple to handle, exact and razor-sharp with multiple trim options. Great trimmer. 11 January 2016

Rated 1 from 5 by Jt9999 bad cutting painful knowledge. Used item two times its cut myself twice. Pulls tresses significantly more than it cuts. Blades to far apart to have an in depth trim. 1 January 2016

Rated 5 out-of 5 by cumanacr I prefer it each and every day It really is awesome i would like different length options for my appearance and this Beardtrimmer do the job needlessly to say. 27 December 2015

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