Remington MB-200 Titanium

Remington MB-200 Titanium mustache and Beard Trimmer

By Finao -

The battery won't hold a charge past a year . 5. Form factor in addition to trimmer work great, but an entire waste of income due to the electric battery. Would not be these types of a waste in the event that you could simply connect it in and employ it, however cannot even accomplish that. It will only run after becoming recharged, not while charging.

MODIFY: Remington customer service reached out and after validating my buy, mailed myself a replacement device which arrived these days. It is great to see all of them uphold their item and swap devices such as this (observe that there was a 2-year warranty on these devices). Even though the assistance is very good, i am leaving my original review intact considering that the types of battery pack found in the product, Nickel-Cadmium, will not seem to have changed consequently it will probably die in after per year and a half of good use. Perhaps my very first unit was a from a bad group (not very likely after witnessing another reviews), but in basic Nickel-Cadmium electric batteries don't have as good a shelf-life as Lithium-Ion batteries. If this model had been updated with a Lithium-Ion battery it could be a no-brainer buy and suggestion, just because it included $20 to your price.

Once again, great to see all of them stand-by their warranty and replace a negative electric battery. I'll try and remember to upgrade this review a couple of months down the road to generally share how this electric battery supports.

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By Greg -

I purchased this after owning the almost identical, older Remington MB-300 that has been positively great. My old trimmer did every little thing we needed it to-do, had been durable, had solid battery life, and could even run right off the charger when the battery was dead. We adored that thing adequate whenever it finally banged the container after six solid years, I instantly looked into newer MB-200 as a replacement. Unfortuitously, this iteration for the Remington trimmer is completely ridiculous in comparison.

Brand-new it could hold a fee for only some times tops even though unused which is not specifically great. Significantly less than a-year later it was struggling to hold a charge also over night together with become recharged for many hours in order to eke away an individual usage. Fast ahead another month or two and also the engine cannot operate any faster than half rate and it merely can't work it was meant to. For their credit, the plastic hinge to pop up the blade is more solidly constructed than the 300 but meaning very little whenever trimmer simply fails.

The life of me personally, i can not find out why they think it's a good idea to not allow corded procedure with these types of a dreadful battery and motor. Demonstrably planned obsolescence is much more profitable than making things that only work (esp. on basic level products)... but this was an especially disappointing work. I am definitely coming away believing that Remington doesn't appreciate buyer commitment over temporary revenue and will be not likely purchasing something from their store as time goes by.

4 of 4 individuals found here analysis helpfulCurrent design lasts barely annually ahead of the irreplaceable battery dies and you have to throw it away. -

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