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Mustache and Beard Trimmers

Advanced Grooming equipment for Men The Panasonic Beard, Mustache and Hair Trimmer surpasses the greatest requirements of quality, reliability and convenience. It appears to be great, seems appropriate and it is precision designed to assist define and keep maintaining your own look and magnificence in the home as well as on the go.

Precision 45° Blades for an exceptional Trim Each of the extra-sharp, super-durable blades designed into this powerful trimming system are precision-honed at a severe 45° direction to create the suitable innovative for fast and efficient beard, locks and mustache upkeep. These high-end 45° blades cut quickly and cleanly through perhaps the thickest, densest and most unruly hairs.

Safely Trims on fragile body Blades are forged from hypo-allergenic metal to ensure safe, non-irritating trimming for even the essential sensitive and painful epidermis. The body comb's curved sides minimize tugging and pulling while trimming.

Two Comb accessories for Hair and Beard/Mustache Care Two accuracy attachments snap quickly and firmly on the trimmer head for clean, precise trimming lengths. Make use of the 0.5 - 11.0mm accessory for better, cleaner mustache and beard trimming. And/or 11 - 20mm for a lengthier, fuller appearance.

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