So, You Want to Grow a Beard

How to trim a Beard and mustache?

Simple tips to Trim Your Beard and Mustache Like an employerCultivating an epic beard and mustache begins with putting down the razor and letting it grow. But occasionally we because guys forget the trip of growth is not an endless road; there comes a time whenever we all need give the mane a trim. It's an intimidating thought. To chop along the bushy brush we have been cultivating for months - or possibly years - at a time. But gentlemen, these days we're chatting beard trims and just how to properly go about shaping and trimming your beard to ensure whenever all is stated and done, you're looking razor-sharp, dapper, and better than ever.

Take It Slow

Whenever you opt to create your move, it's easy to get over anxious and want to plunge inside to felling your follicular forest.

Take a breath.

As soon as you're prepared, your absolute best wager would be to start tiny - minor trims to kick things off will ensure that you cannot exaggerate and simply take things past an acceptable limit. Small slices will help you to gradually progress using your trim, and reevaluate between snips to ascertain if you wish to carry on or reach your goal.

Tools Of Trade

Trimming in the home takes some crucial resources; a mirror, a comb, great couple of trimming scissors, and persistence.

With regards to scissors, you desire an expert pair that are designed for haircare. The main reason? Pharmacy brand name scissors may get the work done, but a professionally made couple of trimming scissors are created to be a lot more exact and comfortable. The very last thing you need is a poorly made couple of scissors sticking as you slashed, rusting, and pulling at your beard tresses in the place of clean-cut.

Offer your beard top, and then make certain it is comfortable - purchase a pair of scissors.

Never Thrash The 'Stache

The mustache is a beast all its very own. The main concept is to keep carefully the bulk and present it some shape. Brush your mustache down toward your lip, and locate the wiry stray hairs and split stops. Using your scissors, you need to slowly cut in a triangle form, because of the top point associated with triangle beginning in the middle of the top lip. This "frown" shape will make sure your 'stache is functional - you'll keep it normal without any styling or item, and it surely will be full, neat, and shapely, or you can grab some mustache wax and style it into a handlebar, and you should view it feather and scatter nice and uniformly. A good trim done correctly will guarantee your mustache is fashioned and used a few different ways, and appear great everytime.


After a trim, your beard and mustache will need some pampering. Clean off excess hairs with beard wash and softener. Specially designed for your beard, washes and softeners are made to keep your beard smooth and clean. And next, do not forget some beard oil - we advice our brand new Old cash scent from our Gold Line collection - or a few of our utility balm.

Beard oil and our energy balm tend to be both deep-conditioning products that are created to keep your beard soft, hydrated, healthier, and shiny. A healthy beard is a happy beard, so never skimp regarding the aftercare. Grab several of our oil and balm and keep it smooth.

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