Beard And Moustache Comb

Beard and Moustache Comb

Kent Beard and Moustache brush

At CanYouHandlebar we pride ourselves regarding top-notch our item. From the events we choose to feature products that aren't made solely in the CanYouHandlebar headquarters, you can easily relax knowing that they're high quality products actually utilized and recommended by us. To that particular end, its our pleasure to familiarizes you with Kent, manufacturers regarding the good beard and moustache combs showcased on CanYouHandlebar.

Launched in 1777, Kent appears as one of the most well-established companies in the uk. Their stable roots and impeccable items have allowed them to do business with many merchants for over 200 years, and Kent products can be located in over fifty countries all over the world. Despite such a lofty reputation, nearly all Kent's original brushes are created by hand, and each of the combs for sale on CanYouHandlebar are handmade. By preserving this element of manufacturing, Kent has guaranteed that your undesired facial hair could be groomed in a pleasing, healthier fashion with less snags and split ends. The materials regularly result in the comb are found to generate less fixed in locks, additionally the teeth on these handmade combs tend to be rounded, maybe not razor-sharp just as in mass-produced combs.

Whether used on your beard, moustache, or both, the Kent combs making use of their hand polished and buffed teeth will continue to work to stimulate the sebum within the hair. This may provide the hair a strong and healthy look and will be offering you a presentation similarly suited for the boardroom or perhaps the clubhouse.

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