Remington Touch Control Beard and stubble Trimmer

Remington Touch Control

The world’s first touchscreen beard and stubble trimmer. Created for brilliance, this pioneering trimmer combines precision with power for elite overall performance.

Its touch delicate display screen tailors speed and period of trim towards private specification for effortless styling and ultimate control.

Touchscreen Technology

The beard and stubble trimmer encompasses a feeling sensitive display which allows consumers total flexibility and ultimate control.

Pro Energy Engine

The Touch Control Hair Clipper boasts Remington’s effective Pro Power Motor for just two x faster* performance.
*Versus past Remington range

Motorised Comb

The motorised brush provides a wide range of size settings 175 overall from 0.4 – 18 mm with complex 0.1 mm increases.

TRI Boost Program

The efficient three step rate establishing implies the Touch Control may be manually adjusted toward preferred speed for styling freedom.

Titanium Covered Blades

300% stronger than metal blades (Vs. Remington standard metallic blades) for a longer enduring performance. Titanium coated blades deliver exceptional cutting performance with each swing.

Advanced Locking

What’s much more, the intelligent lock-in function suggests options cannot be unintentionally changed mid-shave, providing you the best-ever control and self-confidence when brushing.

Fast Production Blade Program

The blades is washed quickly and easily when required with minimal hassle.

Made for Perfection

Aesthetically designed to compliment the sleekest of bathrooms, Touch Control boasts a black colored, high gloss finish with a smooth touch back panel for an ergonomic handling and navigation around facial contours.

Cellphone Maintenance

The Remington Touch Control trimmer boasts a USB charging capability for complete versatility, letting you charge straight from your laptop along with a typical plug socket for 40 moments cordless usage. The best grooming device, the brand new Remington Touch Control combines functionality with technology, providing you with a flawless finish every single time.

About Remington

Remington has-been helping the world incomparable over 75 years. Experts in innovation we pleasure ourselves on staying at the very cutting-edge of technology and utilize top beauty salon professionals throughout society to create electrical private maintenance systems that actually work, take care of you and provide exceptional outcomes each time.

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