This is the best pre shave cream ever

Using Proraso Shaving Soap

I've being using this product for a number of many years now and it also never ever fails

Shaving detergent

Great cost and great things.

The Bee's Knees!

I am delighted with this particular purchase. Fast distribution from The distinctive dish looks great regarding the shelf. Whilst shave lotion includes eucalyptus oil and menthol, know that the scent is very light. Nonetheless it lathers perfectly. The top is pop-off rather than twist-off, which means you need certainly to open it with dry hands. When it's bare you need to use the tub for many other soap if you need. (i shall remove the Proraso label and press an Arko shave stick into my own if it is done, only for pig iron). The 75ml form of this tub (in addition on the market at a fantastic price right here on is good for a travel case. You cannot go wrong with Proraso. Anyhow, you need this system just to say you have got it. :-)


I adore this Proraso renders an attractive sensation on the epidermis and smells breathtaking. Works to an attractive energizing lather and I also love using it plenty that I look forward to shaving plus with a Merkur 34c you cant go wrong.

Most readily useful shaving ointment as yet!

While purchasing it out of this web site, I happened to be a little afraid of perhaps not liking its aroma because i needed a thing that ideal my age (i assume I'm a little younger as compared to typical purchaser - 22 yrs old), although moment I attempted it we fell so in love with this soap. A great deal, much better than various other high priced creams I attempted! The quality you are feeling while shaving is much like no other. Just a little from it provides a nice lather with very little effort, therefore made my shaving irritation free. I was thinking I understood what was a beneficial shaving cream, and then I attempted this! Will not be changing for quite some time, that's for sure. By the way, exemplary website to get from (great support).


Proraso is good stuff. I have been using it for about per month. This cream is mentholated, yet not very therefore; just enough to provide a pleasant 'zing' odor initial thing each day. It creates a pleasant creamy leather-based, which offers good defense - I use about a half egg-cup level of water, then include more water or Proraso if needed. I get adequate fabric for 3 passes. I could effortlessly see myself getting 4 months, or even more, from this tub. A few years ago i got myself some Trumper's lotion; i've dodgy epidermis, and it stung the bejasus out of me personally - to such an extent that we put the entire tub away. I've no issue exactly what so previously using this item.

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