Vintage Old Spice Shaving Mug

Old Spice Shave Soap

These pottery mugs were created by the A. E. Hull ceramic Company in Crooksville, Ohio between 1938 together with early 1950s. They were embossed in the base with 1 of 2 different markings although the markings can be very faint or nearly illegible. (To take these photos we very first smoked the mug base with a burning candle then carefully wiped away extra soot with my finger. You can try this to aid determine your mugs!) Underneath picture at remaining is through the earliest Hull Mugs (01 & 02). Within a rope circle are the words "Old Spice, " "Shaving Soap, " and "United States Of America." The picture at right is through the subsequent Hull cup (03); "Old Spice" is incised over the middle associated with the rope ring and "built in USA" is within an outer ring.

The initial mugs arrived in a package with a thin wood veneer that's lithographed with 5 various ships. The Ship Grand Turk adorns the utmost effective, although the Ship Mt. Vernon, Brig. Test, Ship Friendship, and Ship Recovery show up on the four sides. These boxes were only produced from 1938 until around 1941. Even though the veneer is really as thin as report, it's possible to clearly look at pores and grain with a magnifier. The bottom of the box bore an oval label that read: Early United states Old Spice. Made with the appeal and sterling quality of an Early American product. A reflection of an interval unsurpassed in gracious lifestyle. These boxes tend to be instead difficult to get. The lumber veneer ended up being lithographed in Japan and sent to the Shulton plant in which it was glued toward cardboard containers.

old spice mug

After World War II started, the veneer ended up being not any longer available, and a cardboard package was introduced.

Hull Pottery Mug 01 - 1938 to 1941

The first Hull Mug was offered from 1938 until 1944. It revealed the Ship Grand Turk opposite the handle; the underside is incised with Old Spice Shaving Soap" as noted above. Proportions are around 3" H by 4.75" handle to rim. This mug came with 5.5 ounces of detergent.

Hull Pottery Mug 02 - 1941 to 1944

Hull Pottery Mug 02 is identical to ceramic Mug 01 in all respects excluding the ship. This cup reveals the Ship Friendship and originally was included with 5.5 ounces of soap. In 1948, the soap cake had been decreased to 5.0 ounces.

Hull Pottery Mug 03 - 1944 to early 1950s

Ceramic Mug 03 looks just like Pottery Mug 02 except for the incising from the base noted previous. Since Mug 03 was in production much longer than Mug 02, if the bottom is illegible, even with candle smoking, it is likely the cup is an "03."

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