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How to Make Shaving Soap?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 22, 2016)–Selah Press announces the December 22 release of the book making Shaving Soap: Charting Your training course to the Land of Lather by Carrie Seibert on Amazon for $12.99.

Steps to make Shave Soap is filled up with insight, character, and empowering information. The market is wide-open and developing into the men’s damp shaving group. Possibilities abound. With this specific guide expert soapmaker Carrie Seibert is opening the doors into Soap Commander’s store to demonstrate you the way to understand this unique ability. Soap Commander produces top-quality, hand-crafted skincare items that utilize natural ingredients and captivate the senses.

The goal of Soap Commander should equip that exist recharged. Inside her guide, making Shave Soap, Carrie arms you the wheel to provide that take control of your company. Learn it, live it and pass it on with Carrie as your guide. Learn how to make artisan shaving soap from an industry insider. Carrie will take you on a journey through discovering the basics, finding needed tools, comprehending the building blocks, equipping you to troubleshoot, resources and much more.

About Carrie Seibert Carrie Seibert is a professional Soapmaker and person in the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild. She is in addition an energetic Board person in the Alabama Soap & Candle Association. In 2014, she along with her husband, Darren, founded Soap Commander—a handcrafted men’s grooming company that empowers males through the conventional art of wet shaving. Carrie, Darren, and their 7 kids savor a lifestyle of understanding in northern Alabama. When she’s maybe not homeschooling or making detergent, Carrie enjoys connecting with her kids and strengthening her wedding. Her most useful times begin with a morning run, end with outstanding guide, and have many hummus in-between.

About Soap Commander
Soap Commander, LLC, creates high-quality, handcrafted skincare products which utilize 100 % natural ingredients and captivate the sensory faculties. Their goal should provide one to Live Life Charged, starting with your daily private treatment program. Soap Commander offers the opportunity for you to make the most of each day with your take-charge type of services and products for both women and men.

About Selah Press
Selah Press is a one-stop-shop for guide publishing, author coaching, system building, company mentoring and writer solutions. Selah Press takes NO royalties and charges NO ongoing charges. You wthhold the copyright laws, royalties and control of your book.

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