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Like the rest in life, shaving the head has actually both pros and cons. If you’re not sure you want to shave the head, you need to probably search through the points below and think about the way they might relate solely to you.

You’ll remember that I’ve indexed more drawbacks than benefits. That’s primarily making sure that if you’re making a decision, you are alert to as many regarding the bad points that I could consider just before decide. Directly, we discover advantages exceed the cons, but that is only my opinion.


  • As soon as you’ve shaved, there’s you can forget must comb or primp your hair. it is constantly perfect! Plus, if you’re getting rid of it all, it’s challenging get a poor haircut.
  • You’ll do not have bed-head or hat-head. Wear what you may like on your own mind!
  • When it’s hot, an instant splash of water cools you right down, but won’t keep leaking into the eyes.
  • Pursuing attention? In most locations, it's a memorable appearance. Many people believe it is interesting, and you'll find yourself fielding questions about the how’s and why’s.
  • It’s comfortable. It never ever gets tangled or perhaps in see your face, also it seems advisable that you operate your hands over a smooth scalp. Plus, cleansing a bare mind is a lot easier plus enjoyable than washing your own hair.


  • It could get cold up top with regards to’s cool outside. Whenever heat drops, make certain you’ve got one thing to help keep your head hot.
  • You'll burn off it. Your scalp is epidermis, and just as simple to sunburn as just about any part of your outside. If you spend a lot of time outside, hold a hat handy.
  • Many people do find it daunting. You will definitely sometimes be considered a thug or risk considering your appearance, though I’ve found that this depends more about your demeanor than your appearance alone. Thankfully, the drop of neo-nazi skinhead riots on day-time talk programs in addition has reduced the organization involving the smooth-headed and blind-zealous hatred and bigotry, which means this is not as a lot of a danger because it would-have-been a decade ago. But as with every cosmetic modification, you really must be conscious that some people will project attitudes and values onto you considering the way you look.
  • If you want to ensure that it it is smooth, you need to shave frequently. We invest 15 minutes just about every day, a few days a week maintaining my head silky, which will be a reasonable commitment in my own brain. The quantity of time you may spend is dependent on exactly how smooth you want it or how stubbly you are prepared to allow it to be, and exactly how rapidly the hair expands.
  • You do need to use care of your head. Some recommend using e vitamin and Aloe occasionally, to avoid dry-scalp. Individually, we sporadically utilize some Vaseline Intensive Care when my head appears sore or dry out, and it appears fine. However if you have got scalp problems today, they won’t all disappear completely whenever your tresses does.
  • If you are tangled up in an accident that requires one thing hitting your mind, there’s a larger chance of breaking your skin if you don’t have locks. Hair functions something like a lubricant in those instances, and a small buffer, and united states shaved men don’t reap the benefits of that. On brilliant side, as soon as your mind is cut available by a major accident, it’s additionally better to cleanse the injury and keep it clean afterward (and this can be embarrassing with a complete head of hair).
  • Eventually, it is not for everyone. Many people, upon shaving their particular minds, find that they may not be pleased with the result. Of those few people who possess explained these people were unsatisfied utilizing the shaved appearance, many cited their head form or perhaps the presence of lumps or other problems. You’ll need to use view. Bear in mind, the only real one who has got to like means you appear is you.

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